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  1. Date of your event_____________________________
  2. Number of guests____________________
  3. Approximately how large is the tent site area______________________
  4. Where is the tent going backyard, driveway, lawn, etc.___________________
  5. Is a Permit required for your area___________________________
  6. Are there any overhead obstacles that will interfere with the height of your tent
  7. Are there any underground utilities (electric, water, telephone, etc__________
  8. What style tables do you want, round or banquet____________________
  9. How many tables will you need (8-10) per table____________________
  10. How many chairs will you need______________________________
  11. Will you need lighting for your tent if so what type halogen or rope_________
  12. Will you need any additional rental items:
    • Coolers
    • Table Linens
    • Table Covers Linen or paper
    • Sides for the tent
Multiply the number of guests by the recommended square footage per person. This will give you the total square footage necessary. Add the recommended additional allowances for head tables, buffet areas, bars or dance floors. Be sure to check with the decorator, caterer and band or DJ for their specific space requirements.

# of guests X sq ft per person + space for head tables, buffet tables, stages, bars, dance floors, band/DJ, etc = total square footage for the event. Add a little extra for overflow room.

Keep in mind that every event is different. Each event deserves to be looked at individually so that the exact size of the tent can be determined based on your personal needs and preferences.

Another important consideration is the amount of space that is available. You need to allow a minimum of 5' of space on each side of your tent. For example, if you have a 40' x 40' space, the largest tent you can use is 30' x 30'.

Event Type
Recommended Minimum
Cocktail Parties and Receptions
Standing only 8 sq.ft. per person
Partial seating 10 sq.ft. per person
Dinner and Banquet Seating
8' Rectangular tables 12 sq.ft. per person
60" Round tables 15 sq.ft. per person
72" Round tables 15 sq.ft. per person
Classroom or Theater Seating
Chairs in rows 8 sq.ft. per person
Tables and chairs in rows 10 sq.ft. per person
Additional Allowances
Dance floor 4 sq.ft.per person
Bar area 100 sq.ft. per person
Buffet area 100 sq.ft. per table
Band 15 sq.ft. per member
DJ 50 sq.ft
Head table 15 sq.ft. per person
Speaker/podium area 15 sq.ft.

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